Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I'm sorry PAPA for slashing out on YOU like that the other day but I was really very sad..

When YOU took away Pat Sitepa from us..I felt as if YOU took away my dad..My prayer is very systematic..
Pray for :
1. family - mummy, daddy, Lin, Amachi, Merlin sinema, PAT SITEPA, Jessica, Jeaneta, Janus,...
2. Lync, Aisoon & me - that we'll be good doctors..
3. sick people - PAT SITEPA, Aisoon's grandma, Shi Long, Fr. Thomas
Follow this sequence everyday so that I won't forget anyone in the process..

YOU know how close my dad & mum is to Pat Sitepa..My dad calls him EVERYDAY!! needs to talk to Pat Sitepa every time..need to know whether he feels alright all the time! So, when you took Pat Sitepa..I felt different..'coz my auntie, mum & dad have done so much so that he will
live a long life but.. cousins are in a real mess but Jessica kept holding my hand..she didn't want to let me go..they need me now..probably, in 5 years time, they still might not be able to get over time..

but, PAPA, YOU won't let us down right?? i know that YOU took Pat Sitepa 'coz YOU want to put him out of his misery..YOU can't stand seeing YOUR precious son suffer and YOU want him to have an everlasting, YOU took him away..I'm sorry for being very selfish but we did love him..we still do..

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