Monday, June 28, 2010

To PAT Sitepa..

I still not exactly myself to write anything here..I feel very distant like a zombie walking around..I make people smile but I'm not sure if I'm smiling..Now, that my uncle in gone, I want to make sure my cousins are I tried to crack stupid jokes..Jeanie laughed heartily but Jessica is still refusing to smile..I won't stop till she smiles..

Anyway, I just feel that he is resting well now..

Pat sitepa,

You have suffered enough..I know you are worried about Merlin Sinema, Jessica, Jeaneta & Janus..I know that though they are able to smile, they are still grieving inside..But, don't worry - I told Jo, Sha, Mims & Jason and all of us will take care of them..We are cousins after all..and most importantly, we are family..We promised each other and we will keep our promise Pat sitepa..
But, we hope that you will continue guiding them..

Jessica is taking over your place - she needs your guidance;
Jeaneta miss talking to you - talk to her everyday & help her keep her sanity;
Janus wants to be the person you were - guide him so that he will be able to walk in your footsteps..

I can feel the peace in my heart and I know that you are happy where you are free from all the sufferings that you have been through this past 1 year..I can still hear you voice sitepa..when I called to wish you happy birthday..haha! We spoke about your voice, you know! Amachi said you could have been a deejay!! Anyway, take care you..

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