Thursday, June 17, 2010


I wish I had studied harder
I wish I was more popular
I wish I had explored some talent..
We all have regrets
but how long do we keep them at heart?

Do we whine the whole week and try making things better
or do replay it o'er & o'er again so that it can miraculously alter the past?
Would you not rather spend time fixing your mess
than to waste more of your time making the same mistake?

Whats the point of looking back when you have your future in front of you
will your past change if you regret what you have done?
or will you get back the time you have wasted when regretting?
So, why waste precious time on useless gestures?
Does a runner run with his head looking backwards?
No, he looks ahead for any obstacle..
Should we not do the same??

I HATE it when people show any sign of regret..
if you have done a mess,
clean it up!
don't expect you tears to mop the floor for you..
If you don't want to regret later in life,
make wise decisions..
Don't simply jump to conclusions!!

Sometimes, I wonder..
am I a regret??
If I am, I'm sorry..
'coz I never saw you as a regret..
until now..

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