Friday, June 25, 2010

The line between truth & lie..

Does lying make you a bad person??
Does telling the truth make you a good person??
But what if, the truth brings pain??
What if, the lie brings comfort??
What if, the reason you are lying is to protect the person you are lying to??

Yesterday, while visiting Uncle Pat, I answered my auntie's was my cousin who is studying abroad..she is studying Medicine,too, & asked me as to how her father was..I told her that he is alright & that he was just a bit tired..Today, Uncle entered into ICU..i'm not sure how to answer Jeaneta..

i'm not justifying that what i did was correct..i could have told her that her father was sick, anemic, suffering from a possible infection & GVHD..but, would i have made the situation better or would i have made it worse?? She was about to sit for her finals & would be back in 2 days time..

aish..everytime my auntie asks me whether he is going to be ok..i'll try to explain the pathophysiology of his condition - i find that it gives her gives her hope..hope that my uncle will come out of that he is gonna lead a long and healthy life..

So, if you lie to make someone feel that acceptable?? i feel as if the line which distinguishes good from evil has been blurred..i'm not sure i have the correct ounces of sanity to know what is right & what is wrong anymore..

PAPA, restore us - my UNCLE, my AUNTIE, my parents, my family, our sanity, our happiness..WE have entrusted everything into your hands..Sometimes, we pretend to be clever but that only makes us look more of a fool. LORD, YOU alone know how much pain this family has been through and yet we still look up to YOU for YOUR help..LORD, don't look at our sins but look at the faith these children have in YOU..Please, shed YOUR Mercy on my family..AMEN..

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