Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I was going through the movie listings in the paper and man, they were all really disappointing..

I realised that there is a new trend in the movies today (wow, I sound as if I've lived for 100 years and have seen all the movies ever produced!)..to make it big in the box-office, a movie has to have at least 1 sex scene, 1 hot gal & 1 hunk with a good body - the basic 3 elements of a 'quality' movie today..

When I saw this, I just look at my sister and said 'Lin, Hollywood could pay me the same amount they are playing their directors & I would be able to produce something better!'

But I think we as customers are equally foolish for watching the same trend of movies..Now, I'm wondering..Why in the world am I paying for the tickets to a movie not worth watching 'coz I know the outcome anyways!

Then, today, my mom was watching this movie on television - Changeling - apparently it came out last year but I hadn't had a clue that it was in the theater..Apparently, this movie won the Oscars but never really reached its expected box-office collection..

The thing I like about this movie was that it made me think - the movies I been 'trapped' into watching doesn't need space to think - Shrek 4, The Bounty Hunter - they are very straightforward - there is a damsel in distress and the hero has to find his way to save the day..TYPICAL!!

But, in Changeling, (ps. I'm not promoting this movie 'coz I'm getting commission ya), it is a struggle of a mother in search of her son even if it means that she has to fight against the whole police force & being thrown into the crack-pot hospital..It is based on a true story of a woman's hope and her willingness to fight for her son..

I loved it when Angelina Jolie said 'This day has taught me something new - HOPE'..I admired Mrs. Collins for being so positive even though she knew that there is a fat chance that her son in dead..This movie receives an absolute thumbs-up from me!

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