Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My youngest cousin..

The other my family had a gathering & it made me realise just how lame we can get..I used to wonder as to how I'm very 'gila-gila' kind..then, I found it! My family IS like that! From my grandma to my youngest cousin! haha..

We have a tradition lar..da elder ones will bully the younger ones..bully as in play2 lar..

And, I WAS THE ELDEST!! haha!! So, I have a 'duty' to tease the younger ones..

My youngest cousin is 7 and she has just begun schooling..The 1st half of the school term, she was attending the afternoon, the next half term, her school is in the morning session..haha..this is hilarious! 'coz she wakes up around 11am everyday! And to wake her up anytime earlier than that would require a miracle.., I told her..'Jenna, u r gonna attend morning school o..Can you wake up?? If you can't, Daddy is gonna drive you to school in your pyjamas'

Jenna insisted that she will wake up early & will bot be caught in her pyjamas roaming around in school..the truth is, my cousins made a bet that she is gonna skip her 1st day of school - coz she can't wake up early..

I LOST MY BET!! Jenna, apparently, didn't sleep the whole night..worried that she will have to go to school in her pyjamas!! hahaha!!

On the bright side, this 'responsible' cousin succeeded to wake Jenna up for school - or rather succeeded in not allowing her to sleep!! muahahahha!!!

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