Thursday, June 3, 2010

Beautiful LIFE!

My friend & I were comparing our lives -- who is gonna go down as the worst Doctor in history -- 3 years down the road and we still feel as dense as ever!-- well, that was the competition and we were fighting relentlessly to prove ourselves worthy of the 'GLORIOUS title'!

5 years ago, Allan & I sat for an important exam and the results determined as to whether we would obtain acceptance into local university..But, to be on the safe side -- both of us applied to the same university & got acceptance into that uni..'1 step closer to our dreams' I remembered him saying..

Then, the results for local university came out -- I was accepted but he wasn't -- it broke him but thank GOD he got a seat in a private uni -- then came the next challenge -- FINANCE!

For him, it was as if the trials keep on coming -- one after the other -- I remember 1 close friend of ours calling and saying - 'Hey Jess, I'm worried bout Allan..he hasn't been answering my calls..could you check on him please -- maybe he will answer your call.'

GOD had HIS way -- someone from Allan's church gave a helping hand and promised to support him..HE has helped in many ways to make sure we stayed where we were..and today, we are in our 3rd year; we have graced through our important papers with our sanity still in tact..

After a long journey down memory lane -- we stopped competing for the 'GLORIOUS title' & began appreciating all the things PAPA has down for us.

Moral of the story - However bad things may seem now, one day, when you look back - you are gonna praise the LORD for HIS MERCY..all we need to do is believe..

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