Thursday, May 27, 2010

Everything is gonna' be alright, my Dear..

One thing I learnt during work was that the sales person will give a solution to their customers..For example, when I sell insurance and the customers say that they don't have enough money..I reply saying that if they set aside RM2.56/day by cutting down on their cigarette cost..

So, when my sister told me that she is extremely stressed out -- instead of scolding her and order her to snap out of it, I gave her a solution..

Sometimes, when someone is down, they have lost all sense of directions..instead of worsening their condition, we should offer them a solution -- lift their spirit -- and make the best of the time they have..all you need is a sprinkle of positivity!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Now when I look back..I realised that I'm friends with the craziest of peoples! A close friend is coming over to KL and he needs to a place to stay for the weekend..since my house has a guest room, I agreed to let him stay..

Its kind of unconventional to allow a guy stay over but since I'm living with my parents and they said its ok..Ok it is!

The plan is to pick him up, have dinner at my place and then catch a movie..My friend is a bag-packing type - he can't sit still unless when he is studying for an keeping him at home and let him laze around at home is not an option! Pity ME!!

So, he suggested on the things we could do while he stayed at my about being a real tour-guide! haha..but he is a close friend and has been with me through a lot of stuff! so its only fair that I return the favour..

You see, my friend adores chocolate! Maybe that was the reason that made us close friends?? I don't remember now..haha..but being the tour-guide, I'm supposed to pick him up and confidently head towards the chocolate shop which is offering free chocolate buffet..Its funny that I should use the word 'confidently' because the truth is..I'm not sure of the place..

Frankly speaking, I am geographically-challenged! My ex once offered to send me home but due to the extreme severity of my condition - he decided not to take a risk..*ouch*

So, I asked my friend to ask his friend if there is a short cut..and MY GENIUS FRIEND email-ed me a route for the LRT!! I felt like banging my head against the wall!! Then, he said..all you need to do is find your way to pick me up and I'll show you the way to the chocolate buffet..& I asked 'Huh?! HOW!!' He replied, "I bring a GPS everywhere I go so I won't get lost"

*another bang against the wall* then, I realised I befriend people who are just like me..WOW!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


1 thing I extremely detest is not keeping one's promise..

I remember one day in my childhood when my mom told me that we will be going to my grandma's place but evening came and we didn't go over..That made me very angry..I was looking forward towards going over 2 my grandma's but..

Well, I was extremely angry at her so much so that I tried to rebel but since I'm lousy at it -- well, I ended up getting scolded even more..

Since then, I hate it whenever someone doesn't keep their promises! I hate it when they say something but ended up doing something else! I hate it when some people give promises they can't keep! What I hate most is not even trying to keep to their end of the promise!

Something very annoying happened in office today..The other day, when my friend & I announced our resignation to the HR see last month's salary was until the 23rd so our salary for this month should be up to the 23rd as well..but since the 23rd falls on a Sunday, our HR Manager asked to write 21st as the last day serving the company..

Being the idiotically obedient person, I composed the resignation letter according to the Witch Lady's instruction..

Today, they are saying that if we don't stay till the 27th then we won't be given payment for 1 month! OH MY GOODNESS!! Talk about deceive! Talk about betrayal!

I hate it when people say one thing and do another..this lady has not only lost my trust but along with it she took away my respect for her..I don't believe two-face Harrys and I pity those who have to serve under these people..

People working at the office hardly received tertiary education so they do not understand their rights..instead of fighting for their hard days' worth they opt to leave because its much simpler to just leave without a trace! Its so sad that people are willing to cheat others off their hard work..Don't other people deserve their share of the harvest?? Don't others deserve to taste what they have sown??

I just hope that these people don't count on sponging on others..How far exactly will it get them?? 1 year..2 years?? Eesh! Whatever it is..I am going try straighten things out..PAPA, please give me the patience to handle these people & I pray that YOU don't condemn her soul! haha that sounds funny =)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Not Everyone are Wolves..

I feel like a reporter working undercover at the current office giving special news report on what goes on in office..haha..Spy 008!! I enjoy doing this actually..

Anyways, I wanted to share something that happened last week..I know I'm 1 week behind reporting this but its never too late, I guess.. it goes..

Last week, our campaign came to an end so the management commenced a new campaign..We were all transferred into a supposedly 'rewarding' campaign..according to the seniors who have worked a long time at the office told me that they earned a huge sum of commission from doing this campaign..To me, that a very good news since I seldom get sales...

As promised, I was transferred to a different campaign but I was asked explore customers in the mortgage loan database..Only 2 people were assigned to this campaign..Our manager said that we were doing pilot study & that they chose us because we were the "best" in our field?!

Whatever that means!!

The worst part was that we had to acquire the customer's credit card number!! convince the customers to buy our product was already a big headache - getting credit card number??!

Lucky me - because I was able to convince 1 customer to buy our product but the remaining 4 days were horrible! On the 4th day of the new campaign, I was really stressed out because my partner was able to make sales but i couldn't..My intentions were at the wrong place..

I was hoping that her sales goes into pending..very horrible of me huh?? I saw the guy-in-charge of quality control called Anna into the room -- that usually means her sales is in pending..
Seeing this I was so happy! I'm so horrible!

Then, when work was over - Anna went through our script with me..She gave me hints on how to increase my sales..She did all this because the guy-in-charge of quality control asked her to coach me..It was so kind of her to do that & all I did was wanting her to fall..

Sometimes, people are not what they appear to be..Anna looked like a snobbish girl but she is very kind at heart..When I first started working, I dislikedthe behaviours of some of my colleagues but second look at them..they are not so bad afterall..

I remember watching Leverage & Timothy Hutton says - There are wolves in this world but not everyone are wolves.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Leona Lewis - Happy [Official video]


I'm not sure why am I reacting this way but I feel like I need to talk about it..wrote this too many times in my diary but never really got the chance to tell this out loud..

I'm the kind who doesn't fall for someone easily..When I do, I fall really hard..Maybe because I'm very skeptical as to whether a guy can love you as much as you can them..My dad is an exception..That is why, when I look at a guy..I find for the qualities I see in my dad..caring, patient, corrects you if you make a mistake, not afraid to be himself..

I fell for a guy once about three years back..but it didn't work out..maybe we were immature and didn't know what to expect from each other..Since then, I kind of put my heart on a 'leash' - I was determined to not give my heart away easily..So, I was friendly with everyone but I kept my distance and didn't allow anyone to come too close..If they did, I found ways to pull away..

But unconsciously, I did it again! I allowed someone in! And when he told me that he is in love with someone else..well, it felt like someone had punched me in the abdomen and I felt so nauseous!

However, I couldn't pull away..I did it the first time..We mustn't make the same mistake twice or we would be called, I just listened as he spoke about her..trying hard to act normal..

Thought it hurts every time I think that he won't be mine but I keep him in my prayers that he will be alright..that he will be happy and everything will work right for him..

Last week, the priest gave a sermon on love..He said that at times, we tend to be persecuted due to our love for others - just like what Jesus did for us..HE died on the cross for us..
I'm not being hung on a cross for the guy but I feel like this is the sacrifice I'm doing for him..because I love him - I'm willing to let him go & pray for him & be there for him if he needs me - it is the least I could do..All I'm hoping is that he will be happy ALWAYS!