Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Now when I look back..I realised that I'm friends with the craziest of peoples! A close friend is coming over to KL and he needs to a place to stay for the weekend..since my house has a guest room, I agreed to let him stay..

Its kind of unconventional to allow a guy stay over but since I'm living with my parents and they said its ok..Ok it is!

The plan is to pick him up, have dinner at my place and then catch a movie..My friend is a bag-packing type - he can't sit still unless when he is studying for an keeping him at home and let him laze around at home is not an option! Pity ME!!

So, he suggested on the things we could do while he stayed at my about being a real tour-guide! haha..but he is a close friend and has been with me through a lot of stuff! so its only fair that I return the favour..

You see, my friend adores chocolate! Maybe that was the reason that made us close friends?? I don't remember now..haha..but being the tour-guide, I'm supposed to pick him up and confidently head towards the chocolate shop which is offering free chocolate buffet..Its funny that I should use the word 'confidently' because the truth is..I'm not sure of the place..

Frankly speaking, I am geographically-challenged! My ex once offered to send me home but due to the extreme severity of my condition - he decided not to take a risk..*ouch*

So, I asked my friend to ask his friend if there is a short cut..and MY GENIUS FRIEND email-ed me a route for the LRT!! I felt like banging my head against the wall!! Then, he said..all you need to do is find your way to pick me up and I'll show you the way to the chocolate buffet..& I asked 'Huh?! HOW!!' He replied, "I bring a GPS everywhere I go so I won't get lost"

*another bang against the wall* then, I realised I befriend people who are just like me..WOW!!

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