Thursday, May 20, 2010


1 thing I extremely detest is not keeping one's promise..

I remember one day in my childhood when my mom told me that we will be going to my grandma's place but evening came and we didn't go over..That made me very angry..I was looking forward towards going over 2 my grandma's but..

Well, I was extremely angry at her so much so that I tried to rebel but since I'm lousy at it -- well, I ended up getting scolded even more..

Since then, I hate it whenever someone doesn't keep their promises! I hate it when they say something but ended up doing something else! I hate it when some people give promises they can't keep! What I hate most is not even trying to keep to their end of the promise!

Something very annoying happened in office today..The other day, when my friend & I announced our resignation to the HR see last month's salary was until the 23rd so our salary for this month should be up to the 23rd as well..but since the 23rd falls on a Sunday, our HR Manager asked to write 21st as the last day serving the company..

Being the idiotically obedient person, I composed the resignation letter according to the Witch Lady's instruction..

Today, they are saying that if we don't stay till the 27th then we won't be given payment for 1 month! OH MY GOODNESS!! Talk about deceive! Talk about betrayal!

I hate it when people say one thing and do another..this lady has not only lost my trust but along with it she took away my respect for her..I don't believe two-face Harrys and I pity those who have to serve under these people..

People working at the office hardly received tertiary education so they do not understand their rights..instead of fighting for their hard days' worth they opt to leave because its much simpler to just leave without a trace! Its so sad that people are willing to cheat others off their hard work..Don't other people deserve their share of the harvest?? Don't others deserve to taste what they have sown??

I just hope that these people don't count on sponging on others..How far exactly will it get them?? 1 year..2 years?? Eesh! Whatever it is..I am going try straighten things out..PAPA, please give me the patience to handle these people & I pray that YOU don't condemn her soul! haha that sounds funny =)

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