Sunday, May 16, 2010

Not Everyone are Wolves..

I feel like a reporter working undercover at the current office giving special news report on what goes on in office..haha..Spy 008!! I enjoy doing this actually..

Anyways, I wanted to share something that happened last week..I know I'm 1 week behind reporting this but its never too late, I guess.. it goes..

Last week, our campaign came to an end so the management commenced a new campaign..We were all transferred into a supposedly 'rewarding' campaign..according to the seniors who have worked a long time at the office told me that they earned a huge sum of commission from doing this campaign..To me, that a very good news since I seldom get sales...

As promised, I was transferred to a different campaign but I was asked explore customers in the mortgage loan database..Only 2 people were assigned to this campaign..Our manager said that we were doing pilot study & that they chose us because we were the "best" in our field?!

Whatever that means!!

The worst part was that we had to acquire the customer's credit card number!! convince the customers to buy our product was already a big headache - getting credit card number??!

Lucky me - because I was able to convince 1 customer to buy our product but the remaining 4 days were horrible! On the 4th day of the new campaign, I was really stressed out because my partner was able to make sales but i couldn't..My intentions were at the wrong place..

I was hoping that her sales goes into pending..very horrible of me huh?? I saw the guy-in-charge of quality control called Anna into the room -- that usually means her sales is in pending..
Seeing this I was so happy! I'm so horrible!

Then, when work was over - Anna went through our script with me..She gave me hints on how to increase my sales..She did all this because the guy-in-charge of quality control asked her to coach me..It was so kind of her to do that & all I did was wanting her to fall..

Sometimes, people are not what they appear to be..Anna looked like a snobbish girl but she is very kind at heart..When I first started working, I dislikedthe behaviours of some of my colleagues but second look at them..they are not so bad afterall..

I remember watching Leverage & Timothy Hutton says - There are wolves in this world but not everyone are wolves.

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