Sunday, June 6, 2010

Melting the COLDEST of Hearts

I remember the Priest, during church mass, told the community this story :

There were 2 brothers who were travelling during war-time & they were apprehended by 3 policemen. Since they didn't have any documents, the policemen decided to hang the 2 brothers. They hung the eldest brother & he passed away instantly and was on the verge on persecuting the younger brother when he said :

Sir, before persecuting me, I would like you to have this coat that I have on -- its a fine velvet coat and I don't want it to go to waste.

The policemen were astonished! 'We were going to persecute this man -- and instead of cursing us, he is giving us the only valuable possession on him?!' Looking at the man's kindness, the policemen set him free.

Moral of the story : Even a little kindness goes a long way -- sometimes it may even melt the coldest of hearts!

Sometimes, we may be really nice to people but all we receive in return are taunts -- sometimes, we might get discouraged but is it a reason to fall back? I don't think so..when people 'persecute' you, don't return the act -- instead be nice to them -- because one day, they might just repent & look at all the things that you have done..When that time comes, you will be glad with what you did..

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