Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Stop Whining!

Everyday, I learn more and more about myself..my likes & dislikes..my silent do-es & don'ts..

And I made a revelation! I HATE PEOPLE WHO WHINE!!

I feel really annoyed when people complain & complain about how horrible their life is; about how their life could have been different; if this if that! Aish! I'm not saying that my life is perfect - but the truth is - where you are today is because of what you did in the past..

You decided to take the road not taken -- and you know that the road not taken might not make you happy -- so why take it in the first place?? The decision you take today will be a decision of the past in the future..

So, instead of whining like a baby..be a MAN and STEP-UP!


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