Thursday, June 3, 2010

My name is Embarassed & I'm not proud of it =(

It has yet been another exciting day -- and to think that so much revelation can take place in one afternoon is mind-blowing!

My uncle, who is suffering from Acute Leukemia, quoted his doctor as saying - 'Sir, your blood doesn't show any trace of cancer cells' - my mom,who was there when my uncle & auntie saw the doctor, said that she saw my uncle shedding tears of joy! Praise the LORD for HIS Grace & Mercy!!

Then, in the afternoon -- one lady came to the porch of the house begging for money -- she isn't a familiar face -- we have seen her before & she keeps asking for donations from my mom, who entertains her!

That made me furious..I confronted my mom saying 'Why do you keep giving her money??' And the lady keeps asking more & more money -- today, she asked my mom to buy a tin of milk powder for her child & extra cash for the child's pampers!

I just walked away -- my mom, despite all our arguments -- gave the lady all that she asked for. I showed my anger by refusing to talk to mom but when I was calmer -- I asked why.

My mom said this 'Everyone thinks that she is lying that she is trying to extort money from people. But what if she wasn't? What if her child is really hungry? Would you rather have the blood of a child on your hand for a mere RM30? I thought you, of all people, would have understood me, Jessmine?!'

I felt like being slapped in the face! I was going against my very principle of LOVE! How can I integrate LOVE in my career when I can't even practise it on a daily basis -- leaving me questioning my capabilities of being a good doctor =(

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