Sunday, June 20, 2010

U6S Gathering..

Yesterday, we had our class gathering..its an annual thing & everyone was excited to see each other so 'grown-up'..haha..So, ytd we were reminiscing all the things we used to do in class that made us us..then, I want to try something new..Write out 1 characteristic of each of my classmate that reminds me of them! This ought to be fun!!

Li Shan - puts Colin Firth's pic in her Math T book to neutralize her feelings for Mdm. TCT!
Kit Nyin - had to put up with Li Shan's nonsense & was forced into the Para gang!
FLY - was madly in love with Zidane then unexpectedly changed her taste to Superman
making her to automatically hold the Pres. post of Para gang!
Jing Wen - extremely gentle - our role-model 4 lady-like personality
Elaine - we 'love' the smell of drain..thats why we sit at the same place ALL the TIME!!
Huey Fen - our PERMAISURI!!
Ci Min - no one knew she could speak so loud till the Merdeka DRAMA!! walao!!
Puei Teen - she is the fairest of all!
Kang Teng- I couldn't see the teacher thanx to him! LOL..its just a joke yah!!
Kin Hou - my pocket gets dry because of him!! haha..our x-bendahari..
KP Chen - look like a small child wearing his daddy's tuxedo..haha
Qi Hua - she corrected Mdm. TCT's answer u know!! don't play play!!
Yan Ying - who knew such a small child could have that much energy!?
See Jie - loves her sudoku..don't mess with her when she is playing or else..
Allan - small immature lil' kid..haha..i rmbr us revising for our Piano theory exam..
Zhi Heng - drives us to Maths tuition in his van..
PCS - unofficial librarian..
Jen Yaw - pretty boy..
Yi Ming - how to improve my creativity??
Han Yuan - silent 38-er
Beh - Mr. Perasan..
Yih Shen - AGUNG!!
Wern Jyet- the octopus..i still don't know why we called him that..remind me 2 ask this!
Jia Ken - our physics companion..
Lup Wai - i rmbr he said he want to be the guy who jaga the train because it is an easy life..
Chern Hong - loves his game!
Dickson - Mr. Muscle!!
Wai Xin - the gentleman in our class..

I arranged according to our class seats, don't kecil hati!! haha!! Old sweet memories..

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