Monday, June 28, 2010


i don't understand LORD..why did you keep our spirits up when YOU are gonna crush them like this..we had so much hope in YOU..even when everything looks like they are falling apart, we came to YOU and asked for YOUR mercy..we thought YOU won't let us down..

Pat Sitepa was always faithful to YOU..he never did anything that YOU don't approve off..So, why LORD?? why YOU have to do this?? Didn't we pray to YOU enough?? Even my youngest cousin knelt before YOU in prayer every time she comes back from school?? i thought YOU love YOUR, how come YOU let us down like this LORD??

Every time i try look at the positive side of this..YOU challenge us even are we to continue like this LORD?? don't YOU know how much we love YOU?? I'm very disappointed in YOU, PAPA..and very angry..and very sad..

on that Saturday, we read about YOU curing the leper & healing the sick boy..we were so confident that YOU are gonna bring Pat Sitepa out alive LORD..So, what happened?? did YOU just suddenly decided not to help him because YOU can?? why LORD??

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