Thursday, August 5, 2010

Under Higher Magnification=)

I had a very 'deep' talk with a close friend..He asked me as to whether two people who are very much in love with each other MUST end up with each other..can two people not be together despite everything - in short, does it necessarily have to be a happy ending..

I think, not necessarily..When loving someone, you don't expect anything from the other person..You love them unconditionally - irrespective as to whether they return the love or not..if say, you love someone because that person loves you, what happens then, if he/she stops loving you?? Will you be able to discontinue your feelings there and then?? So, when you learn to love someone no matter what..come whatever, let it be rain or shine, you'll always love him/her..To me, it always come to that..and if it doesn't work out, he/she leaves a tattoo in your heart..a tattoo that has a scar but at the same time, brings back memories as to how you got it in the first place..

But, I realised one thing as I spoke this..I realised that with time and determination, you can slowly let him/her go..I'm in such situation and I found it very hard to cope with such situation..the fear that i might mess something up; the fear that i'll fall for him more than i already have; the fear that i will not be able to get over it..

It took me really long..i've ben telling myself that i'll forget him and pretend all this as a bad joke - but every time i tried, something stopped me..but after all these time, i suddenly was able to let him hurt a bit in the beginning but it felt comparatively mild and i was able to cope..

I found this excessively strange but letting go is what i'm doing and letting go i shall=)

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