Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Little CHILD

Watching many movies, I realised the rapidly increasing rate of divorces among the society and I keep wondering..why are the parents so blind to see the suffering of the children?? Do they not know that their actions affect their children and that the children would be torn between the love of their parents??

I used to be furious with the parents who would rather break-up for the sake of their own comfort without thinking about the 'product of their love' is as if they didn't even want to try to make things right..but somehow I managed to see The divorced parents' world from their eyes..

I was very close to this one girl, R, and another, J. We, J and I, would take care of R like our younger sister! We really care for her..but when J and I fell apart, I thought only the blocks in my world were tearing down - I thought only I was affected by this 'irreconcilable difference'..

I tried at many occasions to make things right but they were mere futile attempts. I guess like everything, my attempt to make things right had an expiration date - one that was comparable to a spoilt milk - not something you would want to get into you intestines!

Anyway, while I was gripping with the realities of my 'break-up' (mind you, I'm absolutely straight - but for the purpose of this discussion I'm comparing myself with a married couple), a more sinister event was happening to my Little child R..

She was a collateral damage in our feud..

It was unfair to bring her into the midst of the flames..
It was unfair to keep her in the dark about all that is going on..
And like a small child, I doubt she was able to comprehend the gravity of her "parent's" position..

So, to you, my Little R, I'm sorry for not being able to patch things up and I can't promise we would be like we used to - but I can promise you that I will try..and I will always love like you my little child..

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