Monday, May 9, 2011

i met JESUS today!

I went to church yesterday and at first I was very much reluctant but luckily I decided to go..Though it was not a sermon from Father, it was good nonetheless..

Uncle Joseph did the communion service and I,no, LOVED the story he told. I have to write and share this with everyone!

A school boy was walking back home through the park - a route he always takes on his way back from school. It was a cozy Monday afternoon. The sun was bright but the boy had something on his mind.

He was thinking about what his Sunday school teacher had told him the day before - "Jesus is in everyone you meet and so share your things with those around you" rang her words.

As the school boy was walking, he saw an old lady sitting on a bench all alone. He walked up to her and offered her a bar of chocolate. The lady was astounded by the gesture!

After giving her the gift, the school boy began walking back and just then, he stopped at his footsteps and ran back to the old lady. He stood in front of her and gave a big hug. Again, the lady was suprised!

The school boy then left and upon reaching home, his mom noticed a big smile on him and asked "What happened?" And so, the school boy told "Mom, I met Jesus today!I shared my chocolate with Jesus today!"

Back in an old dusty apartment, the old lady returned to attend to her sick sister and her sister asked as to what had made her smile so brightly and the old lady said "Sister, I met Jesus today. He was a lot younger than I thought but I loved Him still and He had put a smile in my heart!"

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