Thursday, May 12, 2011


It IS official! I have been drawn and suck into the sack!! Its is a regular practise to discuss my patient's with daddy. He likes listening to medical stuff and he enjoys discussing cases with me though, he may not understand half of the things I tell him. He always told me to listen to them - the patients - treat them as humans, like family, have more heart..

But today, I knew, I haven't taking heed of the advices given to me..I have 1 week left to complete my logbook and I am way behind!! I only have myself to blame. I know very well that surgery would be heavy but I still took a chance and went back - I didn't regret making that choice but I regret not trying and working harder..

What happened was..I was hunting for a 'testicular swelling' patient
*note my 1st mistake - i hunt based on case! i treat my patient as mere cases!

And we found one, but he was away from his bed. So, we decided to see other potential logbook-fillers while waiting for his return. After 2 hours had lapsed, we went back to find the 'testicular swelling'..

To our relieve, he was there laying very still on his bed - he had just undergone an operation. He was only 28 years old. We thought, for courtesy sake, we would chat with him before pushing his details into our logbook.

As we were talking, i felt something my heart sinking - a tear almost ran down my cheeks.

He cannot walk. He had endured a spinal cord injury 1 year ago (when he was only 27 YEARS OLD!). Since the incident, he had been totally dependent.

Unable to walk; passes urine into a catheterisation bag; passes motion with the help of an enema; an adopted son and only GOD knows how 'supportive' his family is in taking care of him!

And here I am - have functional limbs, a roof above my head, but am worrying about such petty things. I truly am heartless..maybe there was no heart to begin with..

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