Tuesday, May 17, 2011

BBGS (a timeless LEGACY)

Listening to a collection of Michael Jackson's songs..

suddenly flew me back to my secondary school days..

reminded me of my choir team

reminded me of my drama crew

reminded me of my choral speaking class

reminded me of my prefectorial board

reminded me of group of girlfriends..

suddenly really missing them!

Li Peng, Poh Yee, Fui Sze, Fiona, Ai Ling..

I think one of my fondest memories of my secondary school days was the drama..

'Ben James : How it ended'

in the beginning, our class was very passive

my form 4 class..

but my close friend Poh Yee told me that she wanted to act in the drama

so, we did, we started the play with just scrap..

but things began to build up

Jo did the script and the actor(essess) were picked out

As the plot progressed, my class grew more and more excited!

We used every second we could to practise..

We found every excuse to practise..

and every other classess envied 4Alpha..

there was chemistry between the 31 of us..

and our class teacher..

oh my class teacher!!

haha..I still smile whenever I think of her..

she cheered on for us..

and we loved her..

very very much!!

We bagged the best script, best actor, best supporting actor award!

and of course, best DRAMA!!

I remember the class running up the stage

and we gloated about our victory for a long time!!

Years later, I returned to school

STPM results had just come out,

and I was waiting for my university application results..

the vice principal asked me to help out with their shortage of teachers..

my first day in school, a student

who was 4 years my junior

(I don't really know my juniors actually)

well, she said..

"Teacher, I remembered you acting in your class' play!"

before long, the whole class began talking about the play..

at that moment,

I remembered thinking..

I have left a legacy behind..

I have left behind a name that was spoken off years after I left the school..

I felt as if I had accomplished something..

I felt as if I had touched the hearts of some..

I felt as if I had influenced and inspired some..

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