Friday, April 30, 2010

Major Drama!!

Today must have been the most interesting day at work!! After 3 weeks working with this company, who would have thought that they would witness so much drama! I felt as if I was in a movie!!

Haha..Lync & I were very happy that it was finally the weekend! That means we do not need to work tomorrow! Wearing jeans to work never felt better (FYI, on Fridays, we are allowed to go to office in casual wear)!

Anyways, as we were busy trying to pick up our sales..suddenly, the girl next to me got up and shouted..'Jess, stand up..U got to see this!! Hurry up!!'

I was busy calling a customer at that time but 'fortunately', the customer did not pick up the phone..So, being the busy-body that I am..I stood up and the scene that caught my eyes..Well, its 18PG folks!!

I saw a furious girl just waiting to pounce on a tomboy (a girl who pretend that she is a boy). At least 3 people were holding the girl back so that she doesn't throw a punch at the tomboy but she was so strong that she was able to escape from their clutches! The 3 people were not skinny lads..they were huge & muscular & until now, I'm still puzzled as to how the not-so-huge-&-muscular girl could still out-power the 3 guys!

Anyways, they were able to stop the fight and they requested the tomboy to leave and take the day off..The girl continued crying & many people were comforting her..I never really got as to why the fight broke out but..

No doubt it was very entertaining..but seriously, it was very un-professional of them..If they have personal issues, do not bring them to the office..Settle it before coming to work & if it is not so easily resolved..well, handle it on your own..there is no need to let everyone know!

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