Saturday, April 24, 2010

Welcome to the real world, JESS!!

I started working last week to earn some extra cash..extra cash for new clothes & accessories & for my trip with Susan. So, Lync recommended me to work with her for her uncle in a telemarketing company..I have to call a list of customers & convince them to buy our insurance..

I actually feel like I'm getting paid to be talkative! And I get to talk to random people & strike random conversations before getting the clients decline buying the insurance policy..REALLY FUN!! I mean seriously!

My parents have warned me that there are many bad people lurking around in the corners just waiting to pounce on me..but truthfully, I've never really bumped into these kind of people! (Thank GOD!!) So, I tend to see the good in people..I mean, I do dislike certain people in my life, but I don't LOATHE them & totally distance myself from them..

When, I started working, I got to meet many characters..then, I began doubting as to whether I was a true city gal..Though, I was brought up & raised in the city, I have always had the mentality of a 'kampung' gal..

I have this thinking that our current generation - meaning my generation of youth is the corrupted generation..we here many cases of child abuse, dumping new-born in the rubbish get the picture!

But, after working, I just realised that the previous generation aren't really saints..In fact, they are not anywhere close to being saints! They use vulgar words which make my ear bleed! I see mothers smoke (what kind of example are they setting for their children??)! And everyone wants to see their fall..

It gets better..most of them are from rural areas..and they have only been in the city for a couple of years or so..and they shedded their rural skin & replaced it with 'urban' skin!

What I'm saying is..people have this misconception that city people are immoral but the truth is the city is filled with 'migrants' who assume that that is how we 'city people' live..guess what! stop assuming! We are people with high morale & self-respect & give priority to our customs & traditions..We love who we are & do not conform to the world!

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