Friday, April 2, 2010

See the World thro' MY eyes..

It is truly a miracle that even a technologically-challenged person like me can own her own blog!! Oh well..miracles happen right?? is a funny thing to have a blog is like writing in a diary but a diary entry that you want people to read..WOW..that means, now, I've to write 2 versions of version which can be read by those reading this blod..and the other, only visible to me!!

My name is Jessmine by the way..but i would prefer to be called Princess Jessmine..yup, I'm off royal blood..well, MY PAPA is the King of all KINGS..and since I'm HIS daughter..I'm a PRINCESS!!

Well, I like to think of myself as someone who likes to see the glass as half full when others are beginning to give up..Hence the title of my blog..I would like to invite more people to see things the way I see it and..well, spread the hope and joy the LORD, My GOD has given me..At times, I might be flawed with my human weaknesses but I hope that I will be more Christ-like in the way I see this world..AMEN..

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