Friday, September 3, 2010

The Road LESS Travelled

At one point in life,
you reach at a cross road,
not knowing which to take;
the road everyone has travelled
or the road no one DARES to travel.

If you take that which has been trampled on many times
the path has been carved for you
the remnants of footsteps of those who went before you
marks on trees for you to recognise
and a short-cut to your destination

But if you take the road less travelled -
there is no guarantee you will arrive safely
high possibility of you losing your way
and deviating far from your route
you will probably reach your destination much later
Is it worth it??

Would you not like to experience things on your own?
to get the feel of being a pioneer?
to be the first to taste the sweet taste of victory
-without the need for a support?
to carve a path for others to follow?
to be original and not to fall onto others' shadows?

Its trivial how we love taking the easy way out
but is the easy way really worth the walk

its like driving around a beautiful forest
when you should walk and experience the beauty of nature she offers..

its like injecting nutrition into your veins
when you're able to eat and tickle your taste buds..

its like you are living for the sake of living
not to accept the lessons Life is willing to offer..

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