Thursday, September 16, 2010

Half empty, Half FULL

I never understood the idiom : See the cup as half full..
I mean if the cup contains milk (and I HATE milk) I would wish it was half empty right? On the other hand, if it was filled it luscious hot chocolate - hmm, now that's a different story! I would like to see my cup as full and savour every single drop of that chocolate-y flavour..Well, you get the picture..See-ing the cup as half full means to see the good side of things, people or a situation..

Before I made this revelation (about the half full, half empty thing), the Priest told a very interesting story..Mind you, I heard this story when I was in Form 4 and it is still engraved in my mind..Everytime I feel down, I listen this story replay-ing in my mind..

He said,

There was once a married couple who had twin sons. Though they looked the same, their attitudes were at world's ends. The elder son was very pessismistic - he always grumbles and sees the flaws in everything. The younger was totally different - an absolute optimist. Realising this, the parents decided to try 'level'-ing their sons attitude - to make one less pessismistic and make the other less optimistic.
So, for the boys 7th birthday, the parents both them different presents..

First, they brought the eldest son to the barn and gave him a horse. The boy grunted and said 'A horse! But I will have to clean up when he poops! Why are you giving me such a big responsibility on my birthday!?'

They, then brought the younger son to then barn and presented him a poop. The young one said 'A horse's poop!! YEAH!! If there is a horse's poop, there would be a horse somewhere around here!! Thank you Mummy! Thank you Daddy!! I couldn't have asked for anything more!'

Moral of the story is that, we can choose to see a difficulty any way we want to. No matter how big a problem comes, there is always an end to it - we just have to hang on and push forward till we arrive at the end of the road. No matter what happens, I'm gonna try to savour every single drop of that chocolate milk of mine and cherish every single memory of it. GOD bless=)

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