Monday, September 13, 2010

Trying my BEST..

Priest gave a sermon last Saturday on being different..a topic I've had had with a close friend recently..

Priest said about being different..
taking a stand in everything you say and do..
being firm in your principles..
to keep your head held high when others mock you..

Then, later that Saturday, I watched this advertisement on Cancer and how we could make a difference..

We always talk about how we can change the world with a small gesture of kindness..gesture to make a difference..but should we not change ourselves before changing the world??

I know that I'm not perfect and I will always make mistake..but 1 thing I can help about my weakness is that I can try to be perfect and should never settle anything less..

So, I want to change..People say if you make mistake once, you can be forgiven, but if you repeat your mistake, you a are fool..

I've lost many battles in my life - battles which I thought I can fight another time but each time, the battle changes..the strategies change..but not this time..I might lose again but then again - I might just win..

I've lost many people in my life due to my lack of fighting - that is something I want to change..a change I want to adopt to becoming a better person.

This time, I'm gonna mends things with people close to me - I'll try my best to be a good person and I'm sorry for all the things I may have done unknowingly but I'll try to be on my best behavior..If I feel as though that someone is straying away, I try to struggle and pull them back..

PAPA, I'll try..

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