Friday, November 5, 2010

Don't LEAD her on!!

I love seeing the good things in people no matter how ugly they are but what breaks my heart are the things man are capable of doing..

I used to think that GOD was really mean when He brought about the Great Flood - when only Noah and his ark's contents survived but thinking back..GOD did the right thing! I can't stand seeing the bad things man are capable of doing anymore..its really heart-wrecking..

I've only been away from KL for 6 weeks and everything is in a mess!! I learnt something really startling that I find hard to digest..


I find it that some guys enjoy giving hope to girls..leading them on to believe that they have feelings for their innocent victims! When the girls have fallen for them - they prey on their victims..taking advantage of them in every way possible..

These people just stained my respect for them..I'm extremely careful when choosing friends but I just realised how wrong my jugdement's for people can be..I gave her the go-no go and I'm responsible for what happened to her!

How careful should I be some more?? Why should people be so cruel?? My heart hurts looking at these perverts!! Why LORD!? I feel as if everything has been a lie..LORD, I don't know how to take care of people anymore..Please don't let me give up hope in people, LORD..

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