Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Today was one of those days when I was sulking into self-pity..aish don't ask! Anyway, as I was walking towards ORL department for a 11.30, I recalled the fateful Saturday when my life seemed really bleak..and I told myself that my problems were nothing to what I had been through in the past..'I had paddled through the ferocious storm and survived, I can do this!' I consoled..

Suddenly, his image projected in my mind..I saw him smiling back to me..I could hear him greeting me but I knew he was no more..Then, images of that Saturday flashed like an eerie nightmare..I fastened my pace trying to concentrate on walking instead of thinking of the past..What is done is done..There was nothing I could do anymore..Just got to live with it!!

5 minutes - just in time before the Lecturer closed the door behind me..I took my place in the second row and prepared my mind for another eventless day with potential tragedy awaiting me..I was getting comfortable in my seat when I saw him..and I could feel my face curving into a smile..

I saw my Uncle!! The lecturer looked exactly like him!! His height, his skin colour, his moustache - he even had a sense of humour just like him!! Yes, Prof. Shahid looked like he was wearing a wig but the image just stunned me!!

I knew it was PAPA's funny way cheering me up but HE did it..It really made my day..A tear almost trickled down my cheeks but I refrained..I realised that I don't only see my uncle in those who are sick and helpless but also in those around me who are not in despair..Wanted to tell my parents but I'm afraid it might stir up water-works..I'll keep this to myself..I'm not at home where I can visit him often but I know that if I miss him..I can always visit him in ORL department..

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